A personal site, this is, to explore-process-express all the things which interest me. This is a voyage of self exploration and gathering of knowledge. The title of this blog is GNOGEN, which is the amalgam of two words. GNOSIS: the knowledge of something as it is, which is opposed to knowledge obtained through abstraction. It is also is related to the study of “knowledge retention or memory” and ENTHEOGEN: literal meaning of the word is “that which causes God to be within an individual”. A source of direct, inductive knowledge which, traditionally, is derived from a botanical source (natures technology).

This process has been initiated through exposure to the seven liberal arts (trivium and quadrivium), and through this “initiation” many interesting and inspiring doors of knowledge have been opened. This blog is a diary of this journey.

Many thanks to those who have put much effort into getting this information out to all of us, especially Jan Irvin at Gnostic Media and Richard Grove, at Tragedy and Hope Magazine.


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